1 £4
2 £7.50
3 £10
Yes x 1
Yes x 2
Yes x 3
Yes KS1
Yes KS2


Please ensure your child has been seen safely into the building via the front entrance to school and that you have left a contact telephone number if you are not staying for the duration of the disco.

Reception parents/carers must stay, or arrange for another adult to assume responsibility for your child during the event. For other year groups, you are more than welcome to stay or leave your child.

We are unable to accommodate children that are not pupils of GBA. This includes younger and older siblings.

If your child has a serious allergy or a disability that requires additional care, then we ask you stay for the duration of the disco or discuss options in advance with a member of the FoGBA team.

If you decide to leave your child and they become distressed, we will do our best to comfort them and encourage them to stay, however this doesn’t always work, and you may be asked to come and collect them.

Doors for the second disco open at 5.30pm. KS2 children cannot be left at 5.15pm if younger siblings are being picked up. This allows for the swap over of parent helpers and time to prepare for the second disco.

At the end of each disco, please collect your child from the car park/after school club gate. No child will be allowed out of the building unless they have been collected by an adult.

Poor behaviour will not be tolerated either towards other children or towards the parent helpers.  Any child not following the school’s behaviour policy will be removed from the disco, and their parent/carer will be telephoned to collect them.

Please keep to these guidelines, which have been put in place to ensure the safety of the children both inside the hall and for their journey home.

If you have any questions please contact us on chair@fogba.co.uk